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Network Voice

By Jayne MillerJul 29, 2020


We've made it to that slow and hazy last week of July. Seems like a good time  to shake things up and share some free research. 

Fact: you can sample the data that fuels blog posts like this and this and this. Keep scrolling to browse report content that's currently available to download at no cost. 

For All Things Internet

The Service: Global Internet Geography

The Gist: A research service that's all about international internet bandwidth, with profiles on countries and key internet backbone operators.

The Sample: Get a feel for this research with a free look at the first chapter of our latest report, detailing internet capacity trends, traffic metrics, and IP transit pricing.

For Those Who Need Long-Haul Network Data

The Service: Global Bandwidth Research Service

The Gist: This one is all about primary research, written analysis, and interactive tools for exploring long-haul network data and the undersea cable market.

The Sample: Get a feel for the state of the global telecom transport network industry, factors shaping long-term demand growth and price erosion, and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry via this executive summary

Bonus: Our interactive submarine cable map will always be there for you.

For the Data Center Devotee

The Service: Data Center Research Service

The Gist: A research service all about understanding data centers, network storage, and the nature of interconnection.

The Sample: You can download our latest and great summary of findings, which includes insight on COVID-19's impact on data centers, new pricing trends, and market growth. 

Bonus: You can always bounce over to our free Internet Exchange Map to peruse internet exchange points. 

For the WAN Managers Among Us

The Service: WAN Manager Survey

The Gist: TeleGeography's new WAN Manager Survey is a trove of analysis based on the experiences of WAN managers from nearly 100 companies. We asked. They answered. We analyzed.

The Sample: You can peruse our latest executive summary, which includes insight on network configurations, cloud providers, cloud connection, and security.

Bonus: If you like data like this, we share a ton of it in our WAN Manager Podcast.

For Voice Traffic Diehards

The Service: The TeleGeography Report and Database

The Gist: The short version? The most comprehensive source of data and analysis on international long distance carriers, traffic, prices, and revenues that you’ll find anywhere.

The Sample: Download our executive summary, which highlights the ecstasy and the agony of closely following the international voice market. 


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