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Now Streaming: The WAN Manager Podcast

By Jayne MillerJun 15, 2020


Greg Bryan has a microphone, a seemingly endless supply of data, and the phone numbers of some prominent WAN experts. 

Sounds like the recipe for a podcast to me.


Join Greg for a special summer series on the world of wide area networking. You'll hear from managers on the enterprise side, the experts who serve their networking needs, and TeleGeography analysts who are armed with lots of survey data.

We already have two conversations for you to dive into. 

First, he's joined by Lionel Marie, Network Innovation Manager at Schneider Electric. The two waste no time getting into zero trust security, adoption, vendor selection, and the impact of COVID-19 on WAN management. 


Next, he welcomes our own Brianna Boudreau to the hot seat. The pair explore the SD-WAN marketplace and dig into the development of the vendor landscape and partner ecosystem. 


New pods will be dropping once a week for the next month.

Grab your headphones, get a comfy poolside spot, slather on the SPF, and let Greg and our experts fill you in on all things WAN. 


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Greg Bryan

Greg Bryan

Greg is a Senior Manager, Enterprise Research at TeleGeography where he leads our enterprise pricing research. Greg is also the chair of the WAN Summit conference series.

Connect with Greg  

Brianna Boudreau

Brianna Boudreau

Senior Research Manager Brianna Boudreau joined TeleGeography in 2008. She specializes in pricing and market analysis for wholesale and enterprise network services with a regional focus on Asia and Oceania. While at TeleGeography, Brianna has helped develop and launch several new lines of research, including our Cloud and WAN Infrastructure service and the SD-WAN Research Service.

Connect with Brianna