Stephan Beckert

Stephan was formerly TeleGeography's VP of Strategy. He was responsible for new product development and advised TeleGeography's research teams.


Recent Posts

Cisco Makes Another Cloud-Based Buy, Grabbing SD-WAN Startup Viptela for a Cool $610 Million

This week Cisco announced that it would acquire SD-WAN vendor Viptela.

Telephone All Over the World With This Throwback AT&T Advert

Call around the world for just $90!

In 1964, AT&T took out advertisements to remind consumers how affordable international long-distance service had become—just $12 for a typical overseas call.

Rise of the Apps: How OTT Traffic is Balancing a Carrier Slump

We recently wrote about the decline of international carrier traffic, which comes at the hands of “over-the-top” (OTT) communications services.

Newton's Third Law of Telecom

I recently had the pleasure to deliver a keynote address at Carriers World Asia 2016 on the latest updates in the Asian Carrier Market. The presentation highlights key trends in Asian voice and data networks, covering the impact of OTT communication services on the voice market, regional bandwidth growth and the rise of private network share of used international bandwidth.

The Outlook for the Voice Traffic Business

Over the past two decades, the international long-distance industry has experienced wrenching changes. Service providers have weathered market liberalization, the enormous telecom market bubble and its aftermath, intense competition, rapid technological innovation, and non-stop price declines.