Colocation Pricing Trends To Watch


By Jon HjemboDec 18, 2023


The pressures of supply chain disruptions, electricity price volatility, and government intervention are impacting prices in the global colocation market.

As we continue to move through 2023, here are a couple of trends to keep an eye on.

Inflation in European electricity costs has settled down significantly following 2022's surge. This does not preclude continued volatility. Complications in power delivery specific to individual countries, government actions, and lags in wholesale contract renewals will be among many factors complicating the relationship between spot rates and the ultimate power prices passed down to data center operators and their customers.

U.S. markets will not be immune to the inflationary pressures of the global market. Localized competition will continue to temper the effect, but the surge in cross connect rates we've already seen will likely be followed by rising colocation rates.

The biggest ongoing concern in the data center market will be the availability of power and space to develop further in key markets. As regulators and utilities continue to push sustainability goals for the industry, inflation will continue to be high in markets like Singapore, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

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Jon Hjembo

Jon Hjembo

Senior Research Manager Jonathan Hjembo joined TeleGeography in 2009 and heads the company’s data center research, tracking capacity development and pricing trends in key global markets. He also specializes in research on international transport and internet infrastructure development, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe, and he maintains the dataset for TeleGeography’s website,

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