The Reemergence of Mexican Subsea


By Kristin LeeNov 4, 2022


After decades without new routes, several new cables landing in the Gulf have been announced, with more undoubtedly on the way.

These new routes will provide additional international capacity, reduce dependence on a limited number of terrestrial crossings, and build resiliency in international connectivity.

But what's driving this reemergence of Mexican subsea?

I know what you're thinking; Wow, that sounds like a very interesting discussion topic! You're not wrong, and it's already on the agenda for Mexico Connect 2022, which is happening November 16-17 in Mexico City.

Even better? TeleGeography Research Analyst Peter Wood will be joining the panel to discuss:

  • Why are we seeing so much subsea activity now, and what demand are these new projects looking to address?
  • What are the specifics of the new projects landing in Mexico?
  • How will these new routes impact older cables already nearing the end of their commercial life span?

Register now to attend Mexico Connect and gain insights into Mexican digital infrastructure topics like emerging cloud regions in Querétaro and the data center builds enabling them, new fiber deployments, and more.

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Peter Wood

Peter Wood

Peter Wood is a Senior Research Analyst at TeleGeography. His work is focused on network services and pricing with a regional focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.

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