The Carrier and the Cloud: What Will Their Relationship Look Like?


By Thomas SimpsonNov 3, 2016


Senior Analyst Brianna Boudreau brings her expertise to Capacity Asia in Hong Kong, December 6-7.

Join Brianna as she moderates the panel "The Carrier and the Cloud: What Will Their Relationship Look Like?" at 4:15 on December 7.

Many have identified ownership of network as one of the key determining factors when choosing cloud services. However, we've started to see carriers and cloud providers working together, each playing to their strengths. 

  • What impact does this have on the future?
  • What will this do to the carriers continuing to provide cloud services? 
  • How important is the network in cloud service delivery? 
  • How is the problem of customer ownership being addressed? 
  • What are the different examples of billing and pricing structures between the two business. 

Brianna will be discussing these issues on stage with Gina Nomellini, CMO of GTT.

Meet with Brianna or Clara Chua at Capacity Asia to discuss TeleGeography's product offerings and Asian-Pacific research. To keep up with the latest at Capacity Asia, follow @CapacityEvents on Twitter.

Brianna Boudreau

Brianna Boudreau

Brianna is a Senior Analyst at TeleGeography. Brianna is part of our pricing team and specializes in pricing analysis for international private line, IP Transit, and Enterprise products.

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Clara Chua

Clara Chua

Clara is TeleGeography's Asia-Pacific Business Development Manager. Clara is well connected in the telecommunications industry and works with services providers large and small to deliver international infrastructure, traffic, and pricing data needed to make strategic business decisions.

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