This Region Added the Most New Cloud Regions in 2023

By Patrick ChristianMar 21, 2024


Globally, 23 new cloud regions were launched in 2023.

Let’s break that down by region. Which region added the most? And which regions contributed zero?

Europe: 8

Europe added the most new cloud regions in 2023, with eight being launched (up from seven in 2022).

Middle East: 6

The generally underserved Mideast market has been active in cloud infrastructure development for the past couple of years. Six new cloud regions were launched in 2023, second only to Europe.

Asia & Oceania: 5

New cloud regions continue to be added in Asia and Oceania, though at a less intense pace and only in two countries in 2023. Three new regions launched in China, and two launched in Australia.

Latin America: 4

Similar to the Mideast, Latin America had no cloud regions—except in Brazil—until recently. In the past two years, LatAm has been growing at a fast pace, adding five new regions (four in 2023 alone).

Africa and the U.S. & Canada: 0

No new regions were added in Africa or the U.S. and Canada in 2023. However, Google launched a region in South Africa in January 2024, and Oracle has announced plans for a region in Kenya. The U.S. has three more regions in the pipeline for 2024.

This analysis was pulled from our newly updated Cloud and WAN Research Service. Download the free executive summary to keep reading.

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Patrick Christian

Patrick Christian

Patrick Christian is a Senior Research Manager with TeleGeography. He heads the Cloud and WAN Research Service. He also focuses on African and European markets specializing in international bandwidth markets and internet infrastructure, WAN services, terrestrial and submarine cable systems, and international voice traffic analysis.

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