Jon Hjembo

Jon is a Senior Analyst at TeleGeography. In addition to serving as managing editor for TeleGeography's wholesale telecom network infrastructure research, Jon is our lead colocation analyst.


Recent Posts

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We dug into the latest summary of key findings from our innovative Colocation Database to extract three pricing facts we think any colo expert should have on their radar. Here's what we've got.

Why Might Verizon Start Selling its Colocation Assets?

In a surprising reversal of a statement that Verizon's CFO made in November of last year, Reuters suggested on the 6th of January that Verizon is starting a process of selling its entire data center portfolio. TeleGeography's Senior Analyst, Jonathan Hjembo, explains in our series: TeleGeography Takeaways.

Are Russian Submarines Attacking the Internet?

The New York Times published an article on October 25th that conjectured Russian submarines operating near submarine cable telecommunication systems pose a serious threat to the global Internet. TeleGeography's Senior Analyst, Jonathan Hjembo, responds in our series: TeleGeography Takeaways.