Mapping Cables, Seeking Adventure: The 2017 Submarine Cable Map Has Arrived

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By Jayne MillerApr 24, 2017


TeleGeography’s Submarine Cable Map has been updated for 2017 and designed for the modern adventurer. (And if you're heading to ITW 2017, you'll get your hands on one soon!)

Our new map shows up-to-date submarine cable facts as a collection of artifacts, journal entries, and hand-drawn sketches befitting of Indiana Jones.

Submarine_Cable_Map_2017_1500px.jpgThis year's map borrows design ideas from your favorite fictional archaeologist.

Start your own adventure with our 2017 Submarine Cable Map and discover:

  • 293 active and planned submarine cables that are connecting the world under the ocean
  • Countries with the largest number of submarine cable connections, giving them higher resiliency
  • Changes to submarine cable capacity on major global routes from 1996-2015
  • The hair-like strands of fiber optic cables connecting the world
  • Aerial "photos" of major submarine cable landing stations

journals.pngAn Indiana Jones-inspired journal and our own journal showcasing submarine cable capacity notes.

Your adventure doesn't have to end with our latest submarine cable data.

As an homage to Indiana Jones' hunt for hidden treasure, our astute readers will notice clues on our map that lead to a trove of prizes. Can you solve our puzzle?

mail.pngAn envelope from the movie used to send Dr. Jones' journal and our own piece of mail, which includes a glimpse of our puzzle.

We want to thank the generosity of our sponsor Telecom Egypt.


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