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The 2018 Submarine Cable Map: 366 Cable Systems to Know

It's a great day to be a submarine cable fan. 

Why, you ask? Because the latest and greatest TeleGeography Submarine Cable map is now available.

The 2018 edition, which is sponsored by Telecom Egypt, depicts 366 cable systems and 1,006 landing stations that are currently active, under construction, or expected to be fully-funded by the end of 2020.

Webinar: Contracts and SLAs in the SD-WAN Environment

An SD-WAN enabled network transformation raises unique issues about the way enterprise customers source and contract these services.

Getting what you bargained for during contract negotiations is paramount. But so is maintaining flexibility in your legal arrangements to ensure that your organization maximizes the benefits of moving your network to an SD-WAN solution.

The 2018 Middle East Telecommunications Map is Here

Great news. TeleGeography’s 2018 Middle East Telecommunications Map, sponsored by Telecom Egypt, is now available for purchase.

2018 Submarine Cable and Capacity Pricing Trends in Asia-Pacific

This week Research Director Alan Mauldin ventured to Kathmandu to take part in APRICOT 2018. On Monday he took to the stage with a presentation about submarine cable and pricing trends in the region. (You can download his slides here or keep scrolling to watch the whole thing.)

More Cables Coming from Google

Lots of telecom stories to consume this month. Chief among them is Google's recent announcement of three new undersea cables (Curie, Havfrue, and HK-G) that are scheduled to go online next year. 

The Curie cable will be the first new cable to land in Chile in almost 20 years. You can read up on it in the TechCrunch post below. We're also sharing stories about cable security, pricing trends, and wireless subscribers in Asia. Happy reading.

Breaking New Ground in the Middle East: Innovative Opportunities

Capacity Middle East is approaching; mark your calendars for March 6-8, 2018. If you're headed to Dubai, keep an eye out for our own Erik Kreifeldt and Kate Reilly.

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Pricing Limbo in 2018: Trends and Shocks

With January comes TeleGeography's annual update on pricing as it relates to transport, wavelength, and the IP transit market.

This year Senior Analyst Mike Bisaha took on the task of highlighting the year's biggest pricing trends, looking closer at price multiples, route conversions, and the impact of new cable projects.

You can watch Mike's full presentation from PTC 2018 below.

Exploring the State of the Wholesale Telecom Industry Across Latin America

Capacity LATAM 2018 is fast-approaching. The 2018 conference is happening March 20-21 in Rio de Janeiro. As you might expect, TeleGeography's Anahí Rebatta and Lilian Lea will be on the scene.

And good news for TeleGeography readers. Use the code LATAM18-TELEGEOGRAPHY to get 15% off registration for up to two people.

Potential Warning Signs in the Colocation Market

During the 2018 Pacific Telecommunications Council Annual Conference, Director of Colocation Research Jon Hjembo treated attendees to an outlook of the colocation market. His presentation looked past recent headlines to take a more scrutinizing look at the industry, identifying potential flags for the networking world.

So—are there things we should be worried about?  

What Happens When You Ask Telecom Analysts to Predict the Future, Part 2

This post comes from our new e-book, The State of the Network: 2018 Edition. To download and enjoy this free resource, click here