All About Cloud Regions, Zones, and On-Ramps


By Patrick ChristianApr 4, 2024


Today, I'm breaking down three fundamental components of cloud networks.

Cloud Regions. Regions are territories (generally, a metro area) that comprise one or multiple cloud zones.

Cloud Zones. These are typically individual data centers in a geographic region or on a campus. A local zone is an extension of a cloud region that offers a subset of standard cloud services that tend to be more latency sensitive. Local zones are accessible at cloud on-ramp locations.

On-Ramps. These are the points of interconnection between enterprises and cloud service providers (CSPs), often found in colocation facilities in the most interconnected cities.

Cloud On-Ramps by Top Metros

Copyright_TeleGeography_cwi_csp_onramp_top_metros (3)

Notes: Data represent the number of dedicated connection on-ramp offerings by cloud service providers at colocation facilities. Data include available information from Alibaba, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Tencent Cloud. Data as of Q1 2024. Source: © 2024 TeleGeography

Some CSPs tie on-ramps to specific regions in their own internal network. Usually there is a loose geographic correlation between the on-ramp locations and CSP data centers.

In the map below, you’ll see a glimpse of the connectivity landscape as of Q1 2024.

Global Cloud Data Center and On-Ramp Locations

all-datacenters (1)

Notes: Data only include IaaS cloud providers from Alibaba, AWS, Google Cloud, Huawei Cloud, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Tencent Cloud. Data as of Q1 2024. Source: © 2024 TeleGeography

For a more interactive view, head over to our free Cloud Infrastructure Map.

This resource shows where cloud interconnection services are present, offering a top-level view of cloud regions, local zones, and on-ramps across eight major cloud service providers. Users can filter results by cloud provider or individual cloud service.

Visit to explore cloud regions, locate cloud on-ramps, and uncover local zones.

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Patrick Christian

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