How NaaS Relates to SDN and Automation

By Greg BryanSep 26, 2023


The newest member of the TeleGeography Explains the Internet club is telecom industry veteran Mark Daley, Epsilon Telecommunications Director of Digital Strategy and Business Development.

After spending nearly a decade directly involved with SDN and NaaS at Epsilon Telecommunications, Mark is the perfect guest to help me talk through how NaaS is unfolding in the market.

The pod starts with Mark’s definition of NaaS and where he sees its availability in the current telecom services landscape. He also shares six important NaaS characteristics: visible, configurable, priceable, orderable, deployable, and manageable. (Be sure to write that down.)

Later, we talk about the history of Epsilon Telecommunications and how its mission became integrated into an incumbent provider. 

Hit the play button below to gain insights into how NaaS has evolved over time, and clarity on what to expect in the future.

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Greg Bryan

Greg Bryan

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