Introducing Our 2017 Middle East Telecommunications Map


By Jayne MillerFeb 15, 2017


Great news. TeleGeography’s 2017 Middle East Telecommunications Map, sponsored by Telecom Egypt, is now available for purchase.

The map depicts 43 active and five planned submarine cable systems across 16 countries.


Inset infographics provide bandwidth and traffic data for the top 25 intraregional and interregional internet and voice routes.

The map also presents key telecom metrics for:

  • Country statistics: population, households, dialing code, domain
  • Telecom service penetration: wireless subscriber penetration; broadband and fixed-line household penetration; average penetration in country’s GDP per capita decile
  • Bandwidth: used international bandwidth 2005-2018

To learn more, place an order, or download a free high-resolution desktop wallpaper version of the map, click here. We would like to thank our generous sponsor Telecom Egypt for making this map possible.



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