Optical Illusions: Content Providers and the Impending Transformation of International Transport

Internet Pricing

By Jayne MillerOct 5, 2017


This week TeleGeography VP of Research Tim Stronge made his way to San Jose to speak at NANOG 71.

His session covered the relationship between international transport and content provider demand and the way in which content providers are changing international transport prices.

Using notable optical illusions to discuss ways in which the costs and benefits associated with content providers' participation in transport is potentially illusory, Tim set the stage by looking at the astonishing growth of content providers. 

From there, Tim took a closer look at cable investments, the role of geography, the routes most used by content providers, bandwidth pricing, and much more.

You can watch the full presentation below.


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Tim Stronge

Tim Stronge

Tim Stronge is VP of Research at TeleGeography. His responsibilities span across many of our research practices including network infrastructure, bandwidth demand modeling, cross-border traffic flows, and telecom services pricing.

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