Great Scott! It's Already Time for PTC 2019


By Jayne MillerDec 7, 2018


The forecast is snowy around our DC office, but our team has their sights set on somewhere sunnier. 

Alan Mauldin, Jon Hjembo, Mike Bisaha, Brianna Boudreau, Tim Stronge, Mike Owings, and John Walsh will be in Honolulu for the Pacific Telecommunications Council annual conference happening January 20-23, 2019.

On Sunday, January 20, Alan Mauldin, Jon Hjembo, and Mike Bisaha will present their latest findings on trends in the international networks market.

The special workshop will feature the following presentations:

Back to the Future: Hop into a silver 1982 Delorean and hit 88 mph for an epic, time-traveling presentation that will examine the state of international telecommunications networks in the past, present, and future.

Topics to be covered include shifts in bandwidth demand drivers, the development on new hub cities, trends in submarine cable investment, and more.

Expectations and Realities: State of the Data Center Market:  The data center sector is pushing toward a brave new world—a world in which sites blanket the network edge, where the last frontiers of network development are brought online, and where high density service provisioning is ubiquitous.

But where does the situation stand now?

This presentation assesses where data center investment dollars are being put to work, the degree to which high-density provisioning is taking off, pricing movements, and more.  

Pricing Update: Wholesale circuit and IP transit prices have been falling for years, but the pace varies widely, and can determine the difference between profits and losses for carriers.

How are recent network investments, emerging market players, and the deployment of new technologies affecting international prices? What markets are experiencing the biggest shifts and what is the outlook for bandwidth buyers and sellers?


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Alan Mauldin

Alan Mauldin

Alan Mauldin is a Research Director at TeleGeography. He manages the company’s infrastructure research group, focusing primarily on submarine cables, terrestrial networks, international Internet infrastructure, and bandwidth demand modeling. He also advises clients with due diligence analysis, feasibility studies, and business plan development for projects around the world. Alan speaks frequently about the global network industry at a wide range of conferences, including PTC, Submarine Networks World, and SubOptic.

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Jon Hjembo

Jon Hjembo

Jonathan Hjembo heads TeleGeography's data center research, focusing on both capacity development and pricing for key markets. He also specializes in research on international transport and internet capacity development, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe. He maintains the dataset for and has increasingly worked with key members of the IX community in exploring the intersection of network, colocation, and peering.

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Mike Bisaha

Mike Bisaha

Mike Bisaha is a senior analyst at TeleGeography. Mike's research include both wholesale and enterprise telecommunications services with a focus on North American and European markets.

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