SASE and Secure

By Greg BryanJan 24, 2023


This week on TeleGeography Explains the Internet we welcome Jeremiah Ginn, Software Defined Cybersecurity Evangelist at AT&T and author of Diving into SASE.

In this episode you'll learn how to define SASE based on your audience and identify the key elements that belong in the SASE framework.

We then dig into the fast-paced update cycle for security software. Why is it necessary for the modern network? And what are the implications for upskilling and managed security services?

Next, Jeremiah and I turn our focus on zero trust, and why enterprises need this security posture to be a part of any SASE framework. And we can’t talk about SASE without hitting on SD-WAN and the role of access in the SASE acronym.

Hit the play button below to take it all in.

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Greg Bryan

Greg Bryan

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