Staying a Step Ahead of Mobile Fraudsters

By Greg BryanApr 11, 2023


I think this is a milestone. This might be the first episode of TeleGeography Explains the Internet where we talk about 6G.

First, let me rewind. Our guest today is Dario Betti, CEO of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. 

It's always nice to have industry association folks on the show. I've found they can pull back from the perspective of a single vendor or operator to paint a broader picture of the challenges facing different corners of the telecom industry. This is exactly what Dario does in this interview on all things mobile. 

Dario first explains what the MEF does (and does not do) for its members. But, perhaps more importantly, I think he provides a great overview of the key issues at play in the global mobile market.

And what might those issues be?

We talk about fraud—always needing to stay one step ahead of the bad guys—and what's happening with roaming as carriers turn off 2 and 3G networks. We get into security for mobile networks, meeting ever-increasing mobile bandwidth demand, and 5 and even 6G mobile service. 

We cover a lot of ground, and I think you'll find our conversation to be a useful review of what's presently top of mind in the mobile world.

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Greg Bryan

Greg Bryan

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