Subsea Americas 2019: Telecom Trends Across Latin America


By Jayne MillerNov 1, 2019


As new cable builds are commissioned around the world, the Americas have become a hot spot for international cable investment.

Our team is looking forward to getting the latest updates on cable projects, data centers, and the overall state of the market at Subsea Americas 2019. It's happening December 11-12 in Washington, DC.

The TeleGeography team will also be on hand to present some of our latest data. Don't miss Cynthia Sandoval-Swegal's presentation on trends across Latin America, happening on Wednesday, December 11 at noon.

Even better, TeleGeography readers can get 25% off their registration. Use the code TGSA19 when you save your spot.


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Cynthia Sandoval-Swegal

Cynthia Sandoval-Swegal

Cynthia Sandoval-Swegal is an analyst at TeleGeography, specializing in market and pricing analysis of wholesale and enterprise network services in Latin America. Her research covers trends in private lines, IP transit, MPLS, Ethernet, DIA, and SD-WAN services. Additionally, she manages TeleGeography ‘s Business Broadband Research Service.

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Tim Stronge

Tim Stronge

Tim Stronge is VP of Research at TeleGeography. His responsibilities span across many of our research practices including network infrastructure, bandwidth demand modeling, cross-border traffic flows, and telecom services pricing.

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