The Hyperscalers Have Arrived


By Jayne MillerFeb 26, 2021


Tech giants are investing in submarine cables, sure. But you already know that part of the story.

It gets interesting when we look closer at the number of cables hyperscalers are investing in, for how much, and where. 

Questions emerge. Has this new model of cable investing impacted the industry? Has a changing balance of power between hyperscalers and the traditional consortia of big carriers altered the way cables are designed? Or where they land? 

One of the pieces making the rounds among the TeleGeography crew this month is a new episode of the Data Center Podcast in which our own Alan Mauldin takes on these topics.

You can listen to the full conversation below. We've also been scoping out stories about global internet capacity, SD-WAN trends, SaaS, and telecom headlines in Oceania.

How Hyperscale Cloud Platforms are Reshaping the Submarine Cable Industry

Hey! We know that guy.

Research Director Alan Mauldin joined the Data Center Podcast to discuss how cables are funded, where they land, and how they’re designed. Listen in below.


Global Internet Capacity Grew by 35% in 2020

This CIO East Africa piece graciously used our latest Global Internet Map to examine recent growth in international capacity and traffic growth.

Take it from our own Anahí Rebatta: "Our latest data shows that global capacity and internet traffic surged in 2020, mostly driven by the widespread remote work and learning, with more people relying on the internet than ever before."

SD-WAN ‘still only 2%’ of WAN market

SD-WAN might still be toward the end of the early adopter cycle, but that's not where this story ends. SD-WAN services are indeed gaining traction, but enterprise spend is still dominated by MPLS and local access services. (MPLS spend in 2020 was approximately $32.6 billion, almost 43% of the WAN market.) Scope out this Capacity Media article for more.

How SD-WAN Optimizes SaaS for CSPs to Grow Offerings

And now for our SaaS-inclined friends: this Telecom Review Asia post explores the go-to technology for enterprises when they need agility and flexibility.

Read up on how SD-WAN fits in and get the Asia-Pacific angle on SaaS.

Debt, Distrust, and Dealmaking: the Battle for Digicel Pacific

Our own Tom Leins recently checked in on happenings in Oceania. So it made perfect sense to blog about one of the region’s major developments: the likely sale of Digicel Pacific.

The financial issues that have dogged Denis O’Brien’s Digicel Group have been well documented in recent years. Given its strong operational footprint in the Caribbean, speculation that the group could cash in on its Digicel Pacific business unit has been rife. This post lays out the specifics.


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