This Is Not a Drill: The 2024 Submarine Cable Map Is Here

By Kristin LeeFeb 19, 2024


Meet the latest addition to our map repertoire, the 2024 Submarine Cable Map.

Sponsored by Telecom Egypt, this handsome new edition explores global connectivity from the sea to the cloud, depicting 559 cable systems and 1,636 landings that are currently active or under construction.


At the bottom of the map, you’ll find additional insights on cable construction, cable investments, and cloud infrastructure.

Cable Construction

Between 2023 and 2025, a new cable boom valued at a record $10 billion will bring an estimated 78 systems online measuring over 300,000 kilometers in length, a level of growth not seen in over 20 years.

Cable Investments

Since 2018, content providers have added capacity at a faster rate than other bandwidth users. To date, Google and Meta—driven by their bandwidth-intensive requirements for search, video, and social media—have invested in 29 and 15 submarine cable systems, respectively.

Cloud Infrastructure

After a three-year slump, both mature and emerging markets are rebounding in cloud region expansion. These rollouts can be traced back, in part, to submarine cable routing decisions. Cables land near locations prime for cloud region growth, so cable routes show where inter-data center bandwidth growth is expected.

If you'd like a physical copy for your wall, head over to our map store.

And we'd like to thank our generous sponsor Telecom Egypt for making this map possible.


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