Wi-Fi 6 Afraid of 7?


By Greg BryanJan 23, 2024


On TeleGeography Explains the Internet, we often focus on the long-haul, zeroing in on the network portion of telecoms. Today, with the help of Tiago Rodrigues, President and CEO of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), we’re switching things up a bit.

Drawing upon his vast expertise in the Wi-Fi space, Tiago steps into the hot seat to outline the key issues in the wireless LAN.

This episode considers Wi-Fi 6, 6E, and 7 developments, OpenRoaming™ that allows seamless connection across different Wi-Fi networks, and Wi-Fi’s role in emerging solutions like NaaS.

We also discuss the digital divide and how to best use the limited resource of spectrum to ensure connectivity in our increasingly digital world.

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Greg Bryan

Greg Bryan

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