2021 Trends in Cloud Infrastructure and Global Networks

By Jayne MillerFeb 17, 2021


Any day that ends in "y" is a good one to explore cloud networks. (New TeleGeography slogan?)

But that's exactly what's happening in Patrick Christian's latest presentation, which reviews underlying cloud infrastructure, its evolution, and its impact on global networks. 

Patrick addresses content providers and their building of data centers and on-ramps to push content toward end-users, as well as how/where end-users are actually connecting to the cloud. 

Our latest WAN Manager Survey reveals that the most popular way for large corporations to connect to global cloud service providers is through a dedicated connection in an on-ramp. This includes AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google's Cloud Interconnect, etc.

But the location of these on-ramps is not evenly spread across the globe. Unsurprisingly, the coasts of the United States, Western Europe, and parts of East Asia fare well.

To see it all mapped out, watch the full presentation below. Or download the slides here


Patrick Christian

Patrick Christian

Patrick Christian is a Senior Research Manager with TeleGeography. He heads the Cloud and WAN Research Service. He also focuses on African and European markets specializing in international bandwidth markets and internet infrastructure, WAN services, terrestrial and submarine cable systems, and international voice traffic analysis.

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