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Get Acquainted With Our Cloud Infrastructure Map

By Patrick ChristianJun 14, 2023


If you're not familiar with TeleGeography’s Cloud Infrastructure Map—a free tool that tracks cloud data centers and on-ramps both built and planned—now is a great time to get acquainted.

Why, you ask? When our team updated the Cloud and WAN Research Service for 2023, the Cloud Infrastructure Map also got a refresh.

Keep reading to get the lowdown on our latest version and why you ought to be using it.

Cloud Region Launch Timeline

Cloud Region Launch Timeline-1

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After a three-year dip, the pace of cloud region expansion seems to be picking back up, with more than 37 planned regions for 2023. If you add in regions planned for 2024 and beyond, there are currently plans to launch close to 50 new cloud regions.

There are currently plans to launch close to 50 new cloud regions.

Azure leads the pack, contributing 20 new cloud regions. Google, AWS, and Oracle are also on the bandwagon, announcing plans for 10, eight, and seven additional new regions, respectively. Rounding out the pack, Huawei has plans for two new regions.

This brings the current landscape—as of June 2023—up to:

  • 285 cloud regions
  • 696 cloud on-ramps
  • 122 local zones and low latency locations

There's a lot to keep track of—which is where the map comes in.

About the Cloud Infrastructure Map

This resource shows where cloud interconnection services are present, now offering a top-level view of cloud regions, local zones, and on-ramps across eight major cloud service providers. Users can filter results by cloud provider or individual cloud service.

Visit to explore cloud regions, locate cloud on-ramps, and uncover local zones.

2023 Cloud Infrastructure Map

And that's just the free version. Cloud and WAN Research Service subscribers also have access to:

  • Data center operators' cloud exchanges and on-ramps
  • Global internet exchange point cloud exchanges and on-ramps
  • Network service providers’ WAN services and dedicated cloud connections locations

Download the executive summary of this unique research tool over here.


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Patrick Christian

Patrick Christian

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