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By Jayne MillerAug 5, 2019


Our new e-book contains everything you wanted to know about network benchmarking.

Probably a few extra things, too.

Any budget-conscious WAN manager recognizes that connectivity costs change all the time. Staying on top of network spend and performance isn’t a one-time job. It’s an ongoing saga.

We hear this a lot, may it be through our research, our annual WAN Manager Survey, or our WAN Summit conference series, which puts us face-to-face with network managers from around the globe.

Benchmarking is all about taking stock of your network against your cost, security, and performance goals.

This is where network benchmarking comes in. Benchmarking is all about taking stock of your network against your cost, security, and performance goals.

Our access to network data—and first-person stories from WAN professionals who are solving today’s biggest networking challenges—puts us in a unique position to share what we’ve learned about maintaining a network, going hybrid, managing costs, and boosting performance.

The new e-book that we're releasing today, All About Benchmarking, attempts to put all of that knowledge in one place.

This resource starts with an overview of wide area network services and pricing trends. After that, we explore different scenarios commonly faced by WAN managers. Using a hypothetical network, we then review how minor (and major) changes move a network closer to specific goals like increasing resiliency or reducing overall spend.

Our hybrid analysis was fueled by TeleGeography’s WAN Cost Benchmark. This unique tool allows us to model hybrid WAN expansion plans and stay on top of the projected cost of new sites. It’s backed by TeleGeography’s pricing databases, meaning there are over 2 million data points behind this analysis. Not half bad.

Also—If you like what you see and would like to hear more from real WAN managers who are migrating their networks and monitoring performance, check out our other e-book all about real stories from WAN managers.


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