[Watch Webinar] Moving the Shannon Limit: New Submarine Cables for Increased Capacity and New Services

Network Pricing

By Jayne MillerJan 5, 2018


The submarine networking industry is getting ever closer to the Shannon limit, the theoretical maximum capacity that can be reliably transported over a submarine cable.

Fortunately, innovative new submarine cable designs will allow operators to double the maximum amount of capacity transported over these new cables and change how this available bandwidth is partitioned and sold. 

Our own Michael Bisaha and Ciena's Brian Lavallée recently got together for an interactive webinar that examines the pricing trends on key APAC subsea routes, and how these trends are influencing new cable builds.

This session also covered new technology options for submarine cable operators requiring massive amounts of future capacity and a better ROI. Their presentation also contained: 

  • A review of 10G and 100G wavelength pricing, how cable build and upgrade activity impacts their relationship, and the implications for new cable projects
  • How exploiting the available L-Band will double the maximum capacity of new cables
  • How spectrum sharing can change the way operators monetize new cables via new services

Click below to enjoy the full webinar.


Mike Bisaha

Mike Bisaha

Mike Bisaha is a senior analyst at TeleGeography. Mike's research include both wholesale and enterprise telecommunications services with a focus on North American and European markets.

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