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By Brianna BoudreauOct 2, 2020


How many Google searches does it take to find the SD-WAN vendor that is a match for your network goals? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? We’ll say it. That’s too many searches.

As the SD-WAN market matures, there’s been a growing need to more thoroughly catalog the many vendors who offer this service.

Luckily, our SD-WAN Research Service has been cataloging the vendor landscape since SD-WAN came on the scene. We extracted vendor profiles from this service and turned them into a handy free guide

SD-WAN Guide

Here’s what you need to know: this guide is an attempt to outline the evolving vendor landscape. It is not an attempt to endorse specific companies or recommend individual service packages. Our goal is to better understand the full scope of SD-WAN services offered by vendors and the related partnerships that have bloomed between companies in pursuit of developing these technologies.

And we understand that as much as SD-WAN might still be a hot topic among network professionals, questions remain on how best to implement it. With that in mind, we’ve included additional insight on SD-WAN trends from our arsenal of research.

If you're looking for the treasure trove of data that you’ve come to expect from TelGeography, know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Our SD-WAN Research Service is where you can find a full market summary, pricing trends, and an interactive pricing calculator that’ll provide pricing estimates based on your unique network specifications. (Our sales team would now like us to remind you that if that is indeed something you would like, you should email them at

So that’s it. Download the full guide here to get some market context and search on.

Note: this guide has been updated for 2021.

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Brianna Boudreau

Brianna Boudreau

Senior Research Manager Brianna Boudreau joined TeleGeography in 2008. She specializes in pricing and market analysis for wholesale and enterprise network services with a regional focus on Asia and Oceania. While at TeleGeography, Brianna has helped develop and launch several new lines of research, including our Cloud and WAN Infrastructure service and the SD-WAN Research Service.

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