Snow Falling on Data Centers

By Jayne MillerNov 11, 2020


Snow cooling data centers.

Indeed, it's a cool idea (pun intended) and some Japanese companies are already using this natural resource to keep their data centers frosty.

This story makes our monthly list of recommended telecom stories, as does a recap of our recent webinar on international bandwidth deployment  and coverage of 5G services in Asia. 

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Japan wants to take the heat off data centers with the help of snow

Did you know, that when it could keep your data center cool?

The Japan Times has a story about the country's quest for zero-emission data centers that rely less on air-conditioning and more on the world’s oldest cooling system: snow.

COVID-19 has driven international traffic 47% higher

Miss our recent webinar on international bandwidth deployment in 2020?

Catch up with this overview from Light Reading, which covers Paul Brodsky's presentation on traffic changes and related forecasts.

U.S. vs. China in 5G: The Battle Isn’t Even Close

According to this Wall Street Journal piece, by the end of 2020, China will have an estimated 690,000 5G base stations up and running across the country. Read up on how else they're leading the 5G race.

2G Bows Out, 5G Grows in South Korea

South Korea’s cellular sector is the scene of intense, cutthroat competition between its three mobile network operators: SK Telecom (SKT), KT Corp, and LG Uplus. Advanced technology rollouts have been a key battleground for the trio.

Telecom Italia keeps shrinking

"Every few months, another chunk of the edifice seems to be cordoned off or sold in a debt-reduction exercise," writes Iain Morris in this story about the evolution of Telecom Italia.

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