TeleGeography Deep Dives: Internet Middle Mile

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By Jayne MillerFeb 11, 2021


Over the last year we've learned a lot about internet middle mile—that mysterious space between the office and the cloud.

Our team looked closer at what happens between core backbone and local access. We explored provider types, cloud connectivity, and adoption use cases.

And we can't wait to share our findings.  

That's why on Thursday, March 4 we're assembling a team of experts to dive into all things middle mile.

On the agenda:

  • The Basics: Get an overview of the middle mile network segment, types of providers, and use cases in a presentation from TeleGeography Principal Analyst Erik Kreifeldt.
  • Maneuvering Through the Middle Mile: A panel of experts will discuss the best strategies for addressing application performance, agile procurement and provisions, and multi-cloud connectivity.
  • Ask Us About Middle Mile: We'll finish our morning with all of your burning middle mile questions.

Our panel of experts is growing by the minute. You can expect insight from:

Daley-Headshot-Sm Mark Daley, Epsilon
Director, Digital Strategy and Business Development

Mark Daley plays a leading role in identifying and developing Epsilon’s cutting edge cloud and communication strategies, with a focus on market and customer needs. A veteran telecommunications professional, Mark served 14 years with Telstra and other high profile telecommunication companies such as NTT and eircom.

Ensing Headshot


Wouter Ensing, AMS-IX
Manager, Business Development

Wouter Ensing has a focus on business development—this ranges from expansion of locations to launching new services in current ones. Prior to joining AMS-IX, he looked after portfolio management of a global distributor and was part of the first IaaS initiative in Europe for videoconferencing. He has a broad expertise of over two decades in the IT Industry in different markets and with different products and services.


Dave Ginsburg, Aryaka
VP of Product and Solutions Marketing

Dave Ginsburg has over 25 years of experience spanning corporate and product marketing, product management, digital marketing, and marketing automation. Previous leadership roles included Cavirin, Teridion, Pluribus, Extreme, Riverstone Networks, Nortel, and Cisco. His expertise spans networking, cloud deployments, and SaaS. Dave lives in Los Gatos with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs.

Roche Headshot


Ciaran Roche, Coevolve
Co-Founder & CTO

Ciaran Roche is the Co-Founder and CTO of Coevolve. He's worked in a range of technology strategy roles in Europe and the U.S. and has established Coevolve as a leader in driving enterprise adoption of next-generation technologies such as SD-WAN and multi-cloud. Ciaran has over 20 years of experience in global enterprise network architecture and management, with a specific focus on the use of internet technologies in enterprise WANs.



Eric Troyer, Megaport
Chief Marketing Officer

Eric Troyer has 19 years of industry experience working in marketing strategy, business development, product management, and engineering. Previously, he was Director of Network Edge and Interconnection Strategy at Microsoft where he led planning and engineering teams tasked with network expansion and IP capacity acquisition to scale Microsoft’s cloud strategy. Working at Equinix, he drove the Equinix Internet Exchange product to become the largest global IX platform and launched the company’s IPX product. Eric also played an integral part in founding the Global Peering Forum.


We wrapped up this event. If you couldn't make the whole thing live, you can enjoy the panel discussion below.

Greg Bryan

Greg Bryan

Greg is Senior Manager, Enterprise Research at TeleGeography. He's spent the last decade and a half at TeleGeography developing many of our pricing products and reports about enterprise networks. He is a frequent speaker at conferences about corporate wide area networks and enterprise telecom services. He also hosts our podcast, TeleGeography Explains the Internet.

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Erik Kreifeldt

Erik Kreifeldt

Principal Analyst Erik Kreifeldt tracks the international network services industry, advising global operators on market trends. With more than 20 years of industry experience—including over a decade of research with TeleGeography—he specializes in strategic decisions that require genuine data, analysis, and insight. Before joining TeleGeography, Erik was an optical networking industry analyst, trade reporter, and optical physics science writer. He continues to draw inspiration from the profound-yet-underappreciated work of maintaining infrastructure essential for global commerce—and awe at how it all gets done.

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Brianna Boudreau

Brianna Boudreau

Senior Research Manager Brianna Boudreau joined TeleGeography in 2008. She specializes in pricing and market analysis for wholesale and enterprise network services with a regional focus on Asia and Oceania. While at TeleGeography, Brianna has helped develop and launch several new lines of research, including our Cloud and WAN Research Service.

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