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An Indispensable Collection of Colocation Resources


By Jayne MillerAug 10, 2016


A colocation center is a data center that provides shared space for network storage and interconnection.

Unlike a web hosting site, a colocation facility provides storage for the customers' own equipment. The facility typically provisions power, cooling, security, and intra-site connectivity, among other offerings.

Understanding the norms, trends, and pricing of colocation centers is a must for the modern network manager. That's why today we're sharing our best and brightest colocation resources. We've got info on colocation hubs, cross-connects, costs, and more.

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  1. Why does colocation matter?
  2. What is happening in the colocation market?
  3. Where are the colocation hubs?
  4. What drives where colocation centers are built?
  5. Which colocation centers house Internet exchanges?
  6. Where can I read the latest colocation news?

Why does Colocation Matter?

Jon Hjembo, TeleGeography's chief colocation analyst, provides a succinct explanation.

What's Happening in the Colocation Market?

TeleGeography Vice President of Strategy, Stephan Beckert, helps make sense of the rapidly changing colocation landscape at the Pacific Telecommunications Council 2016.

Where are the Colocation Hubs?

TeleGeography and Digital Realty team up to discuss network interconnection points—the hubs—and how it contributes to a growing colocation market.

What Drives Where Colocation Centers are Built?

At SubOptic 2016, TeleGeography's VP of Research Tim Stronge, explains the role of energy costs in choosing a site.

Which Colocation Centers House Internet Exchanges?

Colocation centers host various types of network interconnectivity including IP traffic exchanges. TeleGeography's free Internet Exchange Map provides an easy way to find public exchanges from around the world.


Where Can I Read More Colo News?

TeleGeography's daily CommsUpdate provides you with a quick way to stay current on the latest colocation news.


Download the pricing market summary

So Where is Colo Headed?

TeleGeography has compiled data for over 3,600 colocation sites.

See what it’s all about in our latest executive summary.

Jon Hjembo

Jon Hjembo

Jonathan Hjembo heads TeleGeography's colocation data center research, focusing on both capacity development and pricing for key markets. He also specializes in research on international transport and internet capacity development, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe. He maintains the dataset for and has increasingly worked with key members of the IX community in exploring the intersection of network, colocation, and peering.

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Stephan Beckert

Stephan Beckert

Stephan is TeleGeography's VP of Strategy. He is responsible for new product development and advises TeleGeography's research teams. Stephan launched TeleGeography's WAN Summit conference series.

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Tim Stronge

Tim Stronge

Tim Stronge is VP of Research at TeleGeography. His responsibilities span across many of our research practices including network infrastructure, bandwidth demand modeling, cross-border traffic flows, and telecom services pricing.

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