Webinar: Contracts and SLAs in the SD-WAN Environment

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By Jayne MillerMar 7, 2018


An SD-WAN enabled network transformation raises unique issues about the way enterprise customers source and contract these services.

Getting what you bargained for during contract negotiations is paramount. But so is maintaining flexibility in your legal arrangements to ensure that your organization maximizes the benefits of moving your network to an SD-WAN solution.

This is exactly what LB3's Andrew Brown spoke about with Capacity Media's James Pearce during a webinar on March 14.

This conversation examined some of the following issues and offered tips on how to address them in your contracts:

  • Avoiding the restrictions (and unexpected costs) imposed by transitioning to SD-WAN from restrictive legacy agreements
  • Covering the major legal and commercial issues in your agreement for SD-WAN services in a global environment
  • Maintaining the flexibility to source access components from the lowest cost provider
  • Negotiating meaningful and appropriate service level agreements

You can enjoy the webinar recording here.

And if you like what you hear, know that Andrew Brown will also be speaking at WAN Summit New York on April 16-17.


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