You’ve Benchmarked Your Network. What’s Next?

By Jayne MillerSep 3, 2020


Hypothetical scenario: You've thoroughly audited your wide area network and it's a well-oiled machine.

You understand how your current configuration matches against your budget. You've developed new performance goals. You have a few expansion plans in mind for the future, but for now, you're happy with how things are running. The systems you have in place meet your company's needs. 

What's next?

Those who use our WAN Cost Benchmark service face this question after modeling network scenarios against some 4.5 million data points from TeleGeography databases. How do you keep your network healthy after a checkup? And when is it time for the next one?  

We'll tell you what we tell our benchmarkers: keep monitoring the market, use good data to do so, and set notifications to schedule future audits.

Post-Benchmark Basics

Know Your Numbers: Our team will keep you in the loop about changes to your network costs. Connect with us about getting updates and exporting your network scenario data. Jon can help.

Stay in the Loop: Sign up for our WAN Manager Newsletter to get updates on trends in the WAN management space. (It's totally free. You don't have to benchmark with us to enjoy.)

Get Bonus Data: Participate in our WAN Manager Survey and get free access to the final report.

Did your benchmark lead you back to the SD-WAN marketplace?

Be a Smarter SD-WAN Shopper: Peruse our SD-WAN Research Service for a detailed review of SD-WAN services. (Or download our free guide on SD-WAN vendors.)

Did your benchmark highlight budget woes?

Take Some Time With TEMs: If benchmarking highlighted higher telecom bills than expected—or simply gathering those expenses was a nightmare and a half—you might be a match for telecom expense management. Read up on TEMs here.

Or send us your specific TEM questions and our team will advise.

Bonus: Listen in on our conversation with the Calero MDSL TEM team. We chatted about all things SD-WAN and cost savings. Register and watch here.

Is your network a well-oiled machine for the time being?

Celebrate Now, Benchmark Later: If it’s all systems go for now, bask in your success. You should be good to go for several years—three years is common for many of our benchmarkers, but all depends on the length of your contracts.

If you’d like to send yourself a reminder to set up a network benchmark in the future, you can do so here.

Get Year-Round Data: If you want 24/7 access to intel on WAN services, pricing, and cloud connectivity, hop over to our Cloud and WAN Infrastructure service.


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