Africa Update: More Cables, Less Dependency on Europe

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By Kristin LeeOct 16, 2023


When Senior Research Manager Patrick Christian returned to the African Peering and Interconnection Forum this year, he did not come empty-handed.

Tucked into his suitcase—or, more accurately, safely stored in the cloud—was Patrick’s keynote presentation, a brand new African Network Geography Update.

Watch the recording below to explore global network trends, African bandwidth trends, localized content growth, and end-user demand.

You’ll also hear a bit about 2Africa and what we can expect when the cable system comes online.

[This video experiences some technical difficulties around 4:44. Jump to 9:28 to get to the good stuff.]

Want a copy of Patrick’s slides?
Download his full presentation over here.

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Patrick Christian

Patrick Christian

Patrick Christian is a Senior Research Manager with TeleGeography. He heads the Cloud and WAN Research Service. He also focuses on African and European markets specializing in international bandwidth markets and internet infrastructure, WAN services, terrestrial and submarine cable systems, and international voice traffic analysis.

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