Content Service Providers Discuss Their Carrier Partnerships


By Jayne MillerSep 27, 2017


Join Stephan Beckert at Capacity Europe October 23-26, 2017, in London as he moderates the panel Building Bridges: An Open Discussion by Content Service Providers on Their Carrier Partnerships.

Only a few years ago, the network requirements of content providers weren't notable. Today, the amount of capacity deployed by private network operators—largely content providers—has outpaced internet backbone operators.

As one can imagine, the evolution of content service providers has implications for their existing relationships with carriers.

On October 25 Stephan will be joined by panelists—who represent companies including Ebay and Viber Media—for a closer examination of the content provider/carrier relationship. Mark your calendars for 9:30 a.m.

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Capacity Europe is the largest annual meeting in Europe for the global carrier community. To keep up with the event, follow @CapacityEvents or @TeleGeography on Twitter.


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Stephan Beckert

Stephan Beckert

Stephan is TeleGeography's VP of Strategy. He is responsible for new product development and advises TeleGeography's research teams. Stephan launched TeleGeography's WAN Summit conference series.

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