Monthly Reading List: Keeping an Eye on New Submarine Cables and Major Acquisitions

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By Jayne MillerMay 22, 2017


Our May reading list seems to be all about watching players in the telecoms space make moves. From Cisco's latest Viptela grab to new submarine cable investments, lots of our stories today are about new projects, fresh starts, and looking to the future.

Scope out our monthly reading recommendations below.

Why Cisco needs SD-WAN vendor Viptela

Why it’s worth your time: We've definitely been interested in Cisco's Viptela buy this month. This Network World piece provides some good insight into why Viptela—which already had two SD-WAN solutions—likely aquired their most recent cloud-based company. 

Cable installation for Maritime Link begins

Why it’s worth your time: It's no surprise that we share plenty of submarine cable-focused content around our offices. This piece was interesting to us because it was specifically about laying submarine electrical cables. It would seem that the first of North America's longest submarine electricity cables has arrived in Atlantic Canada. Read all about it here.

Cable link with China eyed

Why it’s worth your time: Here's another cable-focused post that has been making the rounds on our Slack channels. Sounds like we're looking at an investment in a submarine cable linking Bangkok with Hong Kong and mainland China. I guess we'll be updaing our submarine cable map soon.

The Road to 5G: Not Such a Straight Path

Why it’s worth your time: Our own Pete Bell has been following the slow pivot to 5G. Naturally, he was all over Verizon's $3.1 billion takeover of Straight Path Communications. In this blog, he examines what this move means for 5G in the U.S. 

The 2017 edition of The Submarine Cable Map by TeleGeography is out and it looks great!

Why it’s worth your time: Okay, this is certainly a bit of shameless promotion. We're so happy that our friends at Geoawesomeness kindly featured our latest submarine cable map. If you're a map nerd like most of us, this site should be on your radar. Lots of links to beautiful visualizations and stories like this one that include some neat (and Disney-focused) map history. 


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