How Well Do You Know Your Submarine Cables?


By Jayne MillerFeb 3, 2022


You're a master of our submarine cable FAQs. You know how many cables there are. You know how thick they are. You could take on the next generation of submarine cable experts in a head-to-head knowledge battle. 

It sounds like you're ready for the next level of cable know-how.

Lucky for you, we've been hosting next-level cable trivia over on our interactive submarine cable map.

Every month, cable connoisseurs will find a new question to ponder. (Look for the icon in the bottom left-hand corner to play.) Submit the correct answer and you'll be entered to win a free submarine cable map in our monthly drawing.  

Today we're revealing the answers to our first three questions. And we've got a new question up for February, which we won't spoil just yet.  

How many active or planned cables are named after birds?

We saw a lot of double-digit guesses for this question. But only two cables currently boast bird-based names. That'd be Hawk and FALCON.

How many active or planned cables are named after real people?

We got submissions as low as 0 and as high as 400. But, alas, at the time of publication there were only 11 cables with people-based names on our map:

What’s the longest active or planned cable on the map? 

We saw a lot of submissions for SeaMeWe-3, which was a great guess. But it's 2Africa—clocking in at 45,000 km—that takes the cake for longest active or planned cable currently on the map.

Congrats to our lucky map winners. And thank you to Aqua Comms for sponsoring our interactive map and monthly trivia sessions.


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