Jio Hits 100 Million Subscribers, Verizon Gets a Discount on Yahoo Purchase

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By Jayne MillerFeb 23, 2017


We've had a lot to read this month.

Reliance Jio Telecom, the new operator on the block in India, has released their latest offer, crossing the 100 million subscriber mark.

Then there is the Financial Times report, which takes a long look at Tata, India's largest telco.

And you've probably also heard the buzz on the Verizon/Yahoo acquisition, with Verizon securing a $250 million discount on their purchase.

You can find all these stories (and more) below.

Reliance Jio to offer bargain rates, crosses 100 million customers

Why it’s worth your time: We've been following Reliance Jio Telecom since the beginning. Naturally, we were interested to hear that the company recently hit 100 million subscribers.

Reuters has the details on Jio's latest deal in the link above.

[Watch] Slowing down the predatory high speed traders

Why it’s worth your time: Welcome to the world of high-speed financial trading.

It turns out there is a community of traders who take a tiny slice of millions of transactions, without taking any risks. This is the story of a new stock exchange that protects investors from being picked off by these speed merchants. (And it involves visiting data centers in New Jersey!)

Verizon nears $250m hack discount on Yahoo deal

Why it’s worth your time: Remember when Yahoo sustained that damaging data breach last year?

Because of that breach, Verizon, who acquired the company in July, got a discount to the tune of $250 million on their $4.83 billion Yahoo purchase. You can scope out the details in Total Telecom above.

Frequently Asked Questions: Submarine Cable 101

Why it’s worth your time: Our own Alan Mauldin tackled some of the biggest submarine cable questions he gets asked every day. How many kilometers of cable are there? Do cables really sit on the ocean floor? How much information can a cable carry? Click above for all the answers.

Tata in turmoil: the battle inside India’s biggest business

Why it’s worth your time: This piece provides a fascinating look inside India's largest telco. That itself makes it worth a click.

More specifically, it explores the tension between Cyrus Mistry, the first chairman from outside the Tata family, and his predecessor Ratan Tata. 

Cloud data centers to drive transition to 400G, and a $14B Ethernet switch market

Why it’s worth your time: Here's an interesting read from Fierce Telecom.

Senior Editor Sean Buckley writes, "Cloud data centers will play a key role in the next big speed jump for networks, from 100 Gbps to 400 Gbps, and that will have a positive effect on the Ethernet switch and data center market overall—to the tune of $14 billion by 2021, research firm Dell'Oro Group predicts."


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