Brush Up on a New Telecoms Merger, Chinese Cybersecurity, and Wired Broadband

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By Jayne MillerJun 26, 2017


Care to impress your colleagues with your vast knowledge of the latest telecoms mergers? Or all the nuances of China's new cybersecurity law? How about the current status of the wired broadband market?

We can make it happen. We're sharing a handful of the articles we've been reading in June—take a peek below and then wow 'em at the watercooler.

Digital Realty To Buy DuPont Fabros In $7.6bn Mega-Merger

Why it’s worth your time: Our monthly reading always includes some headlines about telecoms movers and shakers, with plenty of new business ventures and acquisitions to peruse. This month we've been reading about Digital Realty's purchase of rival DuPont Fabros. 

According to this report, "Digital Realty has 145 properties across 33 global metropolitan areas. The merger of DuPont Fabros into the company’s portfolio will help the provider augment its reach across Northern Virginia, Chicago, Silicon Valley, and Canada."

Citing security concern, Indonesia razes Taib-linked telco firm’s facility

Why it’s worth your time: This is the story of how a landing station gets demolished.

This is a story that includes alleged breach of laws, national security concerns, and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. A lot of moving pieces in this one. You've got to read it to see what we're talking about.  

China’s Cybersecurity Law Takes Effect: What to Expect

Why it’s worth your time: Solid explainer here on China's new cybersecurity law. This piece outlines both the new policies in play and their implications.

Writes Samm Sacks, "The CLS is only one part of an emerging and evolving system of Chinese cyber governance. Examining the legislative text within the broader context of its passage reveals that officials are likely to only selectively enforce its vast scope."

The more you know. Click above to read the full article. 

Zayo’s Morche Jumps Ship, Rejoins Level 3 on Eve of CenturyLink Merger

Why it’s worth your time: More of that aforementioned telecoms moving and shaking here. It would seem as if Edward Morche is coming back to Level 3 after only a month with Zayo. And Morche is right on time as Level 3 forges ahead with that Century Link merger. (Oh, and here's a quick refresher on that.

Fixed Growth: Wired Broadband Still Expanding

Why it’s worth your time: While facing competition from high speed mobile data services, growth rates have fallen from almost 40 percent in 2005 to 8 percent in 2016. However, there's room for expansion in the fixed sector. Our TeleGeography Trends pioneer Pete Bell explains.


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