Information Blasts: Six New Stories That The TeleGeography Staff is Reading

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By Jayne MillerApr 18, 2017


What better way to look inside the mind of the TeleGeography analyst than to explore what he or she is reading?

This month, we've got six new stories that we've shared around our office, spanning from explainer videos, to updates on cellcos in the news, to some snazzy maps.

You can find all these stories and others below.  

[Watch] Capacity Crunch: Facing the Information Blast

Why it’s worth your time: This video from Japan International Broadcasting Inc. explains how multicore fiber, advanced modulation techniques, DSP development, and other technologies are expanding capacity.

Reliance Jio Starts Disconnecting Those Who Haven't Recharged Yet; Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer Still Available

Why it’s worth your time: We've been covering the story of Reliance Jio Infocomm in India for several months. In this next chapter, we learn that Reliance Jio has announced yet another new offer to entice customers. We also learn that the company has started to disconnect users who haven't recharged their Jio number after signing up for earlier promotions.

Cloudification will mean upheaval in telecoms

Why it’s worth your time: "In the computing clouds, startups can set up new servers or acquire data storage with only a credit card and a few clicks of a mouse. Now imagine a world in which they could as quickly weave their own wireless network," writes The Economist in this piece about "cloudification."

Brexit Bruising: Will Break-up Bring Higher Mobile Fees?

Why it’s worth your time: The European Union recently capped international mobile roaming charges—great news for Europeans. But as we know, Prime Minister Theresa May formally triggered Britain’s exit from the EU. So are Brits set up for higher mobile fees? Will they also enjoy the benefit of these new price caps? Our own Pete Bell explores. 

[Map] The Underappreciated Man Behind the “Best Graphic Ever Produced”

Why it’s worth your time: With our new submarine cable map debuting this week, it comes as no surprise that we share a lot of maps around the TeleGeography office. If you're a map-lover like us, you might enjoy this NatGeo piece about one acclaimed depiction of Napoleon’s ill-fated invasion of Russia.

SEACOM cable hit by outage

Why it’s worth your time: SEACOM is experiencing a service-affecting outage on its marine system between Mombasa and Zafarana. Why is this interesting? We just wrote about cable breaks and mechanisms that are currently in replace to repair them. Such timing.


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