SubOptic Asks Us Anything


By TeleGeography StaffNov 10, 2021


Our data is powered by a team of superstars who live and breathe telecom.

So when SubOptic—the nonprofit group of undersea communications enthusiasts known for their triennial cable conference—has questions, TeleGeography experts are ready to answer the call.

Over the last year, TeleGeography Mythbusters Alan Mauldin and Tim Stronge have been fielding questions exclusively on SubOptic's member platform.

Today we're giving you a peek at our latest Q&A.

SubOptic Asks TeleGeography: Satellites vs. Cables

What's the status of the great satellites vs. cables debate? Are satellites on the path to making subsea cables obsolete? Alan tackles these two questions in under two minutes.


SubOptic Asks TeleGeography: Why Build More Cables?

Why do we keep building more submarine cables if existing cables can still be upgraded? This is one of the most commonly asked questions that we get and Alan has an answer ready.


SubOptic Asks TeleGeography: Why Are Prices Falling?

According to basic economic theory, as demand goes up, price goes up.

Why isn't the price of submarine cable capacity going up as demand soars? Tim dives into the reasoning behind this conundrum with a metaphor straight out of the garden.


Hungry for more?

SubOptic members get access to these videos early.

And as a member, you can ask our experts questions through the platform. It's kind of like having a telecom analyst in your pocket. 


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