It's Raining Cable Updates


By Jayne MillerJun 25, 2024


Looking back on June 2024, we can't help but notice the plethora of submarine cable updates and announcements that littered our exchanges. (And you know we're always watching for the latest cable news.)

This month didn't disappoint. Just look at this small sampling of news and notes from around the industry in the last three weeks alone:

Make no doubt about it, we're keeping submarinecablemap.com refreshed with this intel.

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Fishing trawler allegedly caused €800,000 damage to Virgin Media's undersea cable | Western People

Pivoting from news about recently-announced cables and cables just entering service, we also caught this textbook example of cable damage.

Headlines about cable sabotage and shark bites might be buzzy, but the truth is that, on average, there are over 100 faults each year and unintentional damage from fishing vessels and ships dragging anchors account for two-thirds of all faults.

Malaysia finally reinstates cabotage exemption for undersea cable repair ships | Soyacincau

We gave you a story about damage. Now how about a story on repairs.

Cable repair ships are a vital part of the repair process, to put it lightly. This story highlights the policy behind getting ships where they need to be to lay new cables and make those repairs.

The Workers Who Do Everything on Their Phones—Except Answer Calls | Wall Street Journal

Pivoting to the voice market, here's a curious little trend piece on how workers use their phones on the job.

Take from this what you will on what it means for the market. Or just send it to the millennial in your life, who will read this and nod knowingly.

Sick of scams? Stop answering your phone. | The Washington Post

This is the funniest possible article we could have followed up that last piece with.


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