Undersea Cables Are Fragile: Handle With Care


By Kristin LeeMay 23, 2024


As May winds down, we’re reflecting on some articles—and broadcasts—that should be on your radar.

Buckle up: this month’s reading list is very submarine cable and data center heavy.

Internet connectivity — even in 2024 — is vulnerable at a number of levels

NPR released a short piece this month on internet connectivity. The crux of their story: don’t panic. Accidents happen all the time that influence internet connectivity.

And the physical components of a submarine cable are more fragile than you might expect—a point that our Paul Brodsky underscored earlier this year on Somewhere on Earth’s Global Tech Podcast:

West Africa Internet – when will it be fixed?

The Cloud Under the Sea

Here's another cable read that's been circulating in TeleGeography’s Slack channels.

Paired with some great storytelling and neat visuals, The Verge paints a comprehensive picture of the submarine cable repair process.

Sailing through the depths of connectivity: The state of subsea cables

Research Analyst Lane Burdette recently lent her expertise on Datacenter Dynamics’ Telecoms & Connectivity Channel.

Check out this episode to learn about:

  • The post-pandemic surge for connectivity and the impact on data center operators
  • Balancing increases in demand with concerns around price erosion and the impact on investment
  • The effect of bottlenecks in the subsea deployment supply chain, from ship availability to material shortages
  • Future deployment and site selection predictions

Know Before You Go: Datacloud Global Congress 2024

Even if you’re not headed to Cannes next month for Datacloud Global Congress 2024, we recommend watching our latest Know Before You Go broadcast with JSA.

Senior Research Manager Jon Hjembo dives into the hot up-and-coming markets for new data center development, the evolving impact of artificial intelligence, and more.

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Paul Brodsky

Paul Brodsky

Paul Brodsky is a Senior Research Manager at TeleGeography. He is part of the network, internet, cloud, and voice research team. His regional expertise includes Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

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Lane Burdette

Lane Burdette

Lane Burdette is a Research Analyst at TeleGeography. She specializes in internet infrastructure with a focus on submarine cables, data centers, and public policy.

Jon Hjembo

Jon Hjembo

Senior Research Manager Jonathan Hjembo joined TeleGeography in 2009 and heads the company’s data center research, tracking capacity development and pricing trends in key global markets. He also specializes in research on international transport and internet infrastructure development, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe, and he maintains the dataset for TeleGeography’s website,

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