What Would Broadband for All Look Like in the U.S.?

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By Jayne MillerSep 22, 2020


You know the drill. There are lots of good posts about cables, broadband, wireless networks, and data centers floating around out there. We grab a handful of the ones making the rounds in our Slack channels and share with you.

This month we're reading about broadband in the U.S., undersea data centers, AI, Altice, and lots more. Catch up on our reading queue below.

The Case for Broadband for All

Many are still working and learning from home across the United States. A fast, reliable internet connection has never been more important.

This Vox article looks at what it would take to bring everyone in America quality broadband internet.

Microsoft Finds Underwater Data Centers are Reliable, Practical, and Use Energy Sustainably

This Microsoft "Innovation Story" details the company's Northern Isles underwater data center, which was recently retrieved from the seafloor off of Scotland's Orkney Islands.

Microsoft says this test illustrates that underwater data centers are feasible as well as logistically, environmentally, and economically practical.

A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?

I mean, honestly, maybe a little.

Read this Guardian article about the robots who are vying to take my job. 

Creating Centers of Excellence For Digital Transformation

African data centers are driving digital transformation across the continent.

Dinesh OP, technical manager for Africa at Siemon, writes about the vital role network infrastructure plays in meeting the needs of today and the demands of tomorrow.

Has Altice USA Triggered the Next Phase of Cable Consolidation?

Altice USA recently saw its shocking takeover bid for Canada’s Cogeco rejected by the latter’s controlling shareholders, the Audet Family.

Altice will likely be thwarted in its attempts to buy Atlantic Broadband. Tom Leins reviewed the top five cable targets to which it could now turn its attention.

Rich Lister's Latest Tech Play Could Be 'Bigger Than 5G'

This story has lots of good vibrations. (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Read up on a start-up that uses "telecommunication fiber optic cables to detect vibrations" and why it might be the next big thing.


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