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By Jayne MillerDec 7, 2016


Have we been keeping up with the latest and greatest telecoms and technology pieces from around the internet? You bet.

This is what the TG team has been looking at as of late. (They all make for really good reading while you wait for your office holiday party to begin.)

I Dialed a Wrong Number and Stumbled Into International Phone Fraud

Why it’s worth your time: Picture this - a journalist tries to call Cuba. But the number doesn't work. The journalist is connected to a British voice reading the War of the Worlds.

Curious? Sarah Zhang was. In this story she chronicles the process of uncovering real, live telecommunications fraud.

Deep Tech Ascent: Europe’s Emerging Digital Industries

Why it’s worth your time: According to the Financial Times, over $2.3bn has been invested in Europe's “deep tech” sector since 2015.

Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google are tapping into this renaissance, investing in and acquiring European companies that specialize in such deep tech efforts as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Rise of the Machines: Narrowband Internet of Things Takes Off

Why it’s worth your time: Last month TeleGeography's Pete Bell took a closer look at the flurry announcements regarding trials and proposed commercial rollouts of Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology.

Pete explains what can we expect to see from NB-IoT and which operators are looking to deploy it.

[Watch] The Complicated Life of a Russian Techno Oligarch

Why it’s worth your time: Meet Dmitry Grishin, the co-founder and chairman of Mail.Ru Group. He's the guy behind Russia’s most popular e-mail, gaming, and social networking platforms.

Oracle to Buy Web Service Provider Dyn

Why it’s worth your time: Here's the scoop. Dyn was hit with that DDoS attack in October. About a month later, Oracle Corp. announced that it was acquiring the cloud computing service.

This Wired piece does a nice job looking at Oracle's history and competitors, illuminating why the sale makes sense for the company - as well as why the DDoS attack turned out to be a selling point.


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