OneWeb, SpaceX, Telesat—Who Has the Best Proposed Global Bandwidth Constellation?

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By Jayne MillerJan 23, 2019


It's 2019, we're back, and you better believe we're still eating up telecom headlines and passing some of our favorites on to you.

After sorting through the obligatory end-of-year posts about telecom in 2018—and then a new batch of projections for the year ahead—we landed on a lineup of stories about connectivity.

For starters, you might want to peruse our top post, which compares the three main low-Earth orbit internet constellations currently in play. The story is based on an MIT simulation, which reviewed FCC filings by OneWeb, SpaceX, and Telesat. 

We've also collected articles on 5G advancements and submarine cable opportunities on the horizon. Happy reading. 

Simulation of OneWeb, SpaceX and Telesat's Proposed Global Broadband Constellations

Why it’s worth your time: A team at MIT recently ran a simulation to compare OneWeb, SpaceX, and Telesat's proposed low-Earth orbit internet service constellations. (We featured a story about Elon Musk's plan last month.)

"With 4,425 simulated satellites, SpaceX is the clear leader in all but the extreme north and south," writes Larry Press. "But Telesat, with only 117 satellites, averages more visible satellites than OneWeb with 720 because their minimum elevation angle is 20 degrees while OneWeb's is 55 degrees." 

Take a look at this post to learn more about how the three companies size up.

Overhyping, Underdelivering on 5G?

Why it’s worth your time: U.S. telco AT&T has come under criticism from rivals for pushing its “5G Evolution” technology. However, many of these critics have been guilty of similar marketing hyperbole.

Pete Bell explores in this monthly trends post.

Vodafone and O2 UK Buddy Up Over 5G Infrastructure Sharing

Why it’s worth your time: It looks like Vodafone UK and Telefonica UK will form an infrastructure-sharing relationship ahead of their much-anticipated 5G rollout.

Jamie Davies reports on the arrangement in this story. For more 5G chatter and insight on the two MNOs, head over to our CommsUpdate coverage.

Subsea Cable Trends and Opportunities Beyond 2018

Why it’s worth your time: "The world continues to become smaller – from a connectivity point perspective," argues Allan Tan in a recent piece for

Tan spoke with Mike Constable, chief executive officer for Huawei Marine, about the future of submarine cables. Click above to catch up on their conversation.

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