Demand for Interconnection, Big Ethernet Moves, and More

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By Jayne MillerMar 22, 2018


It's time for another batch of telecom stories from around the internet.

This month we're sharing the latest submarine cable talk, some fiber footprint chatter, and a handy explainer on why you're seeing AT&T's name in the news.

Keep scrolling for these links and others. 

Submarine cable boom fueled by new tech, soaring demand

Why it’s worth your time: An article about the latest submarine cable boom will always catch our eye—especially one that includes a shout-out to our research on the impact content providers are having on international capacity. This Network World piece digs into the current demand for interconnection, new subsea cables, and all things capacity.

CenturyLink, Frontier make big Ethernet moves as Charter and Comcast become bigger threats

Why it’s worth your time: According to this Fierce Telecom piece, "fiber availability is a key element of CenturyLink’s standing is the broader fiber footprint." This post tracks the U.S. Incumbent Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard and the on-net fiber footprint of key players. Good for our readers who are watching the Ethernet market closely. 

Arabian Bytes: Broadband Access in the Middle East

Why it’s worth your time: The Middle East is a mixed bag when it comes to fixed broadband penetration. Some countries have more than four out of five households subscribing to a high speed fixed or fixed-wireless service. But others lag far behind, with customers relying on cellular networks for their broadband access. Pete Bell looks to make sense of it all in this examination of broadband in the Middle East.

Amazon Web Services reveals more details on the thinking behind SageMaker, its machine-learning service for cloud developers

Why it’s worth your time: If "machine learning" and "cloud computing" are terms that pique your interest, then you might be into this GeekWire post about new service that "helps Amazon Web Services customers build and train machine-learning models." The future is now!

Streaming Soon: A Fight Over AT&T, Time Warner, and the Future of TV

Why it’s worth your time: You might have seen AT&T in the news as of late, as the U.S. Justice Department seeks to block AT&T’s $85 billion merger with Time Warner. This New York Times post is a good explainer for anyone looking to get up to speed on the story and understand the potential implications for other telecom companies down the line.  


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