Google's Trans-Atlantic Dunant Cable Plans to Make Waves

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By Jayne MillerJul 24, 2018


The telecom news du jour is the announcement of Google's Dunant cable. The tech giant's newest private subsea cable project is slated to be the first private trans-Atlantic cable built by a non-telecom company.

Read more about it in our story picks for July. We've selected a piece from PC Mag that includes all the cable details, as well as a story from Lightwave about who will be designing and deploying the cable.

We've also peppered in reads about wireless service in Europe, a new cable making its way around Hawaii, and Global Cloud Xchange's new Eagle express cable system.

Google to Build Private Trans-Atlantic Cable from U.S. to France

Why it’s worth your time: This new cable news makes the top of our must-read list for July. 

Say hello to the Dunant cable—named after Red Cross Founder Henry Dunant—which will extend from Virginia Beach to the French Atlantic coast.

The new cable in question belongs to Google; it's expected to be operational by late 2020 and will makes waves as the first private trans-Atlantic cable built by a non-telecom company.

To keep tabs on content providers' submarine cable holdings, bookmark our running list.

TE SubCom to Deploy Dunant Submarine Cable System for Google

Why it’s worth your time: In a related bit of news, TE SubCom says it won a contract from Google to design and deploy the Dunant submarine cable system. See what the company has to say about working with Google in this post from Lightwave.

Global Cloud Xchange on More Bandwidth Capacity

Why it’s worth your time: We're not done with cable stories just yet.

This article covers a new 16,650 km subsea network out of Mumbai going east to Hong Kong and west to Italy.

Click the link above to read up on Global Cloud Xchange's new Eagle express cable system.

Wireless Services in Europe: A Mixed Bag for Operators

Why it’s worth your time: Europe’s wireless market has seen customer totals decline in recent years as operators have placed less emphasis on winning new users and more on earning from their existing subscribers while wiping inactive accounts. 

There were around 1.045 billion cellular subscribers across Western and Eastern Europe at the end of 2017, down from 1.048 billion a year earlier. This post looks at the state of affairs across Europe.

New Submarine Cable Connecting Hawaii to Oceania, U.S. Mainland Launches Operation

Why it’s worth your time: Okay, fine. Take one more bit of sub cable news for the road.

This Pacific Business News story covers a new trans-Pacific cable connecting Australia and New Zealand to the U.S. Mainland via Hawaii. The cable launched commercial operations this month. This post has all the details.


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