Pricing Limbo in 2018: Trends and Shocks


By Jayne MillerFeb 16, 2018


With January comes TeleGeography's annual update on pricing as it relates to transport, wavelength, and the IP transit market.

This year Senior Analyst Mike Bisaha took on the task of highlighting the year's biggest pricing trends, looking closer at price multiples, route conversions, and the impact of new cable projects.

You can watch Mike's full presentation from PTC 2018 below.

In this video, Mike covers:

  • Wavelength price levels and historical trends
  • Price multiples
  • Route convergence
  • New cables and demand drivers


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Mike Bisaha

Mike Bisaha

Michael Bisaha is a Senior Analyst and Manager of Data Science at TeleGeography. In addition to his work covering competitive market and pricing trends in the wholesale and enterprise telecom space, he heads the Data Science group responsible for data management, product development, design, forecast modeling, and custom analytics initiatives. He also manages a number of TeleGeography’s research and client relationships and is a regular participant at leading industry conferences.

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