Your Coffee Break Starts Now: Stories About SD-WAN, Broadband, Internet Development, and More

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By Jayne MillerMay 22, 2018


May reading recommendations are in.

Our spring lineup includes a Network World post about the challenges facing SD-WAN. In this story, Steve Garson charts a shift in the SD-WAN market, measuring the need for SLAs in SD-WAN services, the impact of the cloud, and much more.

We're also sharing news and notes on Latin America's broadband sector, insights on internet development in Asia, and a refresher on why you've seen ZTE's name in the news. These coffee break reads are all linked below.  

WAN Summit Recap: Challenges Facing SD-WAN Services

Why it’s worth your time: "To the enterprise, the fully managed service is a black box. Got a problem? Open a ticket. There’s little visibility and no control over the service," writes Steve Garson for Network World. " The cloud has changed how we think about networks, though."

In this piece he shares highlights from the recent WAN Summit New York as they relate to the growth of secure SD-WAN services.

Latin America’s Broadband Sector Continues its Growth

Why it’s worth your time: The fixed broadband market in Latin America and the Caribbean has undergone steady subscriber take-up in recent years, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.9 percent between the end of 2004 and end-2017. In this post, Pete Bell provides a thorough overview of the Latin American broadband sector.

Jonathan Hjembo Shares Insights on Internet Development Trends in Asia

Why it’s worth your time: In the past five years, the average year-to-year growth of international bandwidth in APAC region has exceeded 50 percent, making the region a major driving force of the international bandwidth growth. Jon Hjembo talks about this and more during ChinaCache's workshop “Building a Win-Win Internet Ecosystem.” 

Automation, Level 3 deal lead to 1,000 job cuts at CenturyLink

Why it’s worth your time: Fierce Telecom has the scoop on CenturyLink's cut of 2 percent of their workforce. According to this post, CenturyLink's merger with Level 3 and the implementation of automation across its network were likely factors. (And if you want a refresher on the merger in question, look no further.) 

Trump says to work with China to get ZTE 'back in business fast'

Why it’s worth your time: ZTE Corporation was in the news again this month, this time after President Trump said that he was working to help get the Chinese business "back in business, fast." This Telecompaper story has all the details. (And to refresh your memory on ZTE, check out this explainer on ZTE's penalty for sanction violation that we published last year.)


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