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By Jayne MillerOct 26, 2020


If we think beyond quarantine, how do we envision getting back to work? Is office culture dead? Is it just on hold? Are big companies going to be less willing to fork over massive amounts of money for downtown office space?

These are among the questions pondered in one of our recommended reads for the month. Click below to peruse Rani Molla's thoughtful piece on the state of the office.

We also have selections on SD-WAN acquisitions, 5G, and terrestrial cable faults. Something for everyone.

Why the future of the office has been put on hold

We're going to be writing a lot more about the ongoing impact of working from home on the network, huh? This Recode piece sure makes it seem that way.  

Juniper Networks Acquires SD-WAN Startup 128 Technology for $450M

The SD-WAN startup consolidation has begun. Read about the latest big acquisition. 

Broadband Britain: Who is Buying the UK’s ISPs?

Recent years have seen widespread M&A activity in the UK fixed-line sector.

Today we look at some of the most eye-catching deals and examine the likely candidates for future takeover approaches.

Groups file lawsuit after Virginia state websites shut down for hours on last day of voter registration

News of a cable outage, you say? That's right: "An accidentally severed fiber-optic cable in Virginia effectively shut down most of the state’s online voter registration on its last day." 

Since it was a terrestrial cable, I guess we can't blame sharks, huh?

Why are so many data centers in Northern Virginia? (And not here?)

If you've read our mythbusters series, you know that Northern Virginia is a data center hotspot. But this editorial from the Roanoke Times provides an interesting counterpoint from another part of the state: why not build elsewhere? 

Commercial 5G deployments and subscriptions increasing worldwide

Did you think you'd get through this list without a 5G piece? Of course not.

In the past year, global network data traffic (including fixed wireless access) grew 53%. And in Q2 2020, 30 new 5G networks went live. Lots of other 5G adjacent data in this TechRepublic update.

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