The Era of the Undersea Cable


By Jayne MillerNov 4, 2016


You’ve heard it all before. Capacity demands are up.

But do you know just how quickly global bandwidth is growing?

This week, TeleGeography Research Director Alan Mauldin spoke to the Financial Times about just this, covering undersea cables and the ever-growing requirements of cloud-based businesses and their customers.

Alan discusses the world’s massive global bandwidth demand, growing at up to 40% a year, as well as the emerging pattern of content providers investing in subsea cables:

Citing data published by the US Federal Communications Commission, he says [undersea cables are] the dominant method of international telecommunications, and about 99 per cent of all intercontinental telecoms traffic — data, phone calls, texts, emails — is transmitted via submarine cables.

Catch the full story here. Or read up on Alan's recent trip to the Submarine Networks World Conference.

Alan Mauldin

Alan Mauldin

Alan Mauldin is a Research Director at TeleGeography. He manages the company’s infrastructure research group, focusing primarily on submarine cables, terrestrial networks, international Internet infrastructure, and bandwidth demand modeling. He also advises clients with due diligence analysis, feasibility studies, and business plan development for projects around the world. Alan speaks frequently about the global network industry at a wide range of conferences, including PTC, Submarine Networks World, and SubOptic.

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